yuki ueyama

Haute couture tiaras are the intersection of two families' histories

Two people in love pledge their love and the histories of both families intersect.
A wedding is one of the most important times in a lifetime.

As a testament to that special moment,
Yuki ueyama creates the only one and only haute couture tiara in the world.
It expresses a thought of love with a Jewelry that goes beyond time.

A wedding ceremony is the proof of the moment you pledge your love to each other.

Covid 19 has reduced the opportunities for people to get together.
But family, friends, and others bather together
for couples who lobe each other and are moving forward.
This is the very time when the intersection of two families born.
As a sign of the time you have spent together
I would lik to create a jeweled haute couture tiara for the parents of the groom and bride.
The intersection of both families becomes a tiara.
From there, the couple will begin a new chapter in their lives together.

Jewelry is a crystal that transcends time and carries on feelings.

Human life is ephemeral, but the life of a stone transcends thousands or tens of thousands of years.
A heart that cares for others a heart that feels affection for others.
The invisible feeling of "love".
Jewelry that has traveled through time, carrying the feeling of love on a stone that will remain for thousands or tens of thousands of years.
The world's royalty and aristocrats spent their days in fleeting repetition, fleetingly fading away.
They passed on tiaras, crowns, rings, and other jewelry as "mementos" to their children and grandchildren and passed down to their children and grandchildren, they have felt the accumulation of their own history they have felt the passage of time.

Wearing nice jewelry makes your life sparkle.

I have been making a lot of accessories since I was a child.
And now, I can sense what is right for the wearer.
I will continue to create jewelry that makes the wearer truly beautiful and shines in their own way.
I am Jewelry artist who provides jewelry that brightens the life and charm of my dear wearer.

yuki ueyama

2007 Started working with bead accessory brand "tyrol”
2012 Encounter with Engraving
2013 Launch of jewelry brand "TY" while still a student at Hiko Mizuno
2014 Certified Jewelry Coordinator Level 3
2015 Graduated Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry, Osaka, Japan
2017 Launch of the high jewelry brand “Frele”
2021 Acquired 1st Class Technician in Precious Metal Accessorizing
2022 Establishment of Leo Venus Co.
Launches haute couture tiara business as yuki ueyama


Omamori, amulet, jewelry that colors the wearer's feelings.
Yuki ueyama sources her own jewelry, gemstones directly from the U.S., designs each piece to suit the stone, and puts her heart and soul into the creation of each piece.
It touches your skin. It touches the heart. It touches the soul.
I create only one jewelry that moves your heart with a wish for happiness.
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Past transactions

Isetan Department Store Shinjuku, Shizuoka, Kyoto
Takashimaya Department Store Kyoto
Hankyu Department Store Umeda, Kawanishi, Senri
Keihan Department Store
Keihan Mall
Meitetsu Department Store
Tokyu Department Store
Yurakucho Marui
PARCO Each store
Lumine Each store
Luxaire and others titles omitted
Publication in Magazines
Soen 2016
CREA 2016

Order Flow

Yuki ueyama will ask the groom directly about how they first met and what memories he has of the bride, and will design and create a tiara that is unique to the world.
I can also add tiaras the birthstones of Parents of both families or gemstones that have a special meaning to them.

After the wedding, the couple will receive a tiara, and the jewelry selected for the parents will be remade into jewelry and given to them.
I will help you to preserve the proof of the precious time you spent together at your wedding in a three-dimensional form that is more than just a photograph or video to express your gratitude to your parents.
This is the only one haute couture tiara in the world that gives shape to the history of both families.